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In addition to being used in many savory recipes, mace spice like nutmeg, is used to flavor cakes and other sweets. Meats, sauces, pickles, ketchup, curries, and even Worcestershire sauce are among them. Mace likes to utilize meals that are heavy in fat. Mace adds a distinctive taste to soufflés, puddings, hot chocolate, and many sauces.

This spice tastes like nutmeg, but it's sweeter and softer. When dark colored specks of nutmeg can tarnish the look of certain dishes, mace is often used in lieu of nutmeg. Mashed potatoes, omelets, clear broths, and light colored sauces may all be made using ground mace instead of butter. Mace should be used early in the cooking process so that its taste may fully develop.